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RPS Offers Year-round Sports Training for All Ages!

Our mission is to change the landscape of high-performance sports training and educate the next generation of athletes. This is accomplished through our world-renowned coaches, our well-established, proven training methodologies, our commitment to high academic standards, our respect for diversity, and our dedication to creating exceptional opportunities for personal growth and optimal potential.

Want to master your sport?  We offer elite sports training in the areas of tennis, golf, volleyball, soccer and swimming.  Our professional coaches are the best in the world and are here to train you so you can exceed your sport performance goals.  RPS coaches and specialists have helped develop some of the world’s top athletes, including Gold Medalists, World Champions and MVPs.  Full-Time Junior Programs, Junior Camps, and Adult Active Programs are available year round.

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Elevate your game in the Altitude Academies Performance Program

Looking for an academic or language program that reaches beyond the usual methods of learning? We offer an accredited world-class academic programs.  We take the core curriculum, weave in elite sport training, enrich with arts, and enhance with skill development thus taking a student to a level that surpasses “talented” and “smart”.  It takes you to a level where you are well-rounded, focused, and ready to stand out among the rest.  We offer additional training programs including Learn A LanguageExam Preparation, Subject Tutoring and MORE to help develop complete champions – both in and out of competition!  Then we guide you through College Placement and Sport Recruiting, giving you the added advantage to secure a solid and promising future.

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