Academic Achievements


We would like to recognize the outstanding academic achievements of some of our student athletes over the years and acknowledge the alumni that earned their way into many universities throughout the country through hard work and countless hours in and out of the classroom.  The are in inspiration to all of us here at the academy and we look forward to their future achievements in and out of the athletic arena.


Over the years we have placed 100’s of student athletes into colleges around the county who earned millions of dollars in athletic scholarships offered by top programs.  Note that below are just a few of the athletes that we have placed into Division 1, and Division 2 NCAA universities and other NAIA, and Junior College institutions.

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National Honor Society Members

The National Honor Society is a prestigious recognition for primary and secondary academic institutions around the country.  We are very proud and thankful for the many students that have gained this honor as members of our schools.  Congratulations, and continue to push yourselves to do more.  You are the leaders and examples of what can be done if the right amount of energy and effort are applied during the school year.

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Graduates Every Year for the Past 25 Years

Congratulations to all Graduates over the past 25 years.  May your futures reflect the hard and discipline that you forged while with us at the academy.  And may you you continue to set high goals and seek excellence in all that you do now and throughout your lives.

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