Academic Extras

Complement Your Sport Training with a Few Academic Extras Volleyball Victory - High Performance Sport Training in Sunny South Florida - Club Med Academies Sandpiper Bay

Created as supplementary programs, our Academic Extras program options complement your sport training schedules creating a comprehensive sport academy experience that will connect your body and mind through sport and academics, no matter what academy  you choose – tennis academy, golf academy, volleyball camps, or swimming lessons.

Full- and short-time athletes as well as Club Med Resort vacationers alike can choose from a variety of Academic Extras such as Sport + LanguageExam PrepSubject Tutoring,  Summer School or College Placement.

Altitude Academies’ bended programs allow individuals to quickly immerse themselves in a variety of subject matter in addition to receiving the most customized developmental sports academy training in the industry.  When sport and academic schedules are coordinated to maximize the assimilation of information, time will be spent more efficiently and students will be happier and learn more.

Note: If you are considering one of Academic Extras we suggest that you set up a complementary consultation with one of our Academic Coordinators to help you select the program that is best for you.