2022-2023 High School Progressions 9-12

CMA high school students are provided with recommended academic plans to help them achieve their goals for college and career. The following course progressions in the core subject areas are used as a guide for families to understand how their children could progress through high school.

These course progressions can be adapted to suit each student’s unique abilities and needs. In addition, these progressions are only intended to demonstrate one option on path for graduation. Most high school courses carry NCAA and State of Florida approval; please contact your admissions coordinator to learn more.


  • 9TH English 1 Honors
  • 10TH English 2 Honors
  • 11TH English 3 Honors
  • 12TH English 4 Honors


  • 9TH Sociology and Psychology
  • 10TH World History Honors
  • 11TH US History Honors
  • 12TH US Economics Honors and US Government Honors


  • 9TH Algebra 1 Honors
  • 10TH Geometry Honors
  • 11TH Algebra 2 Honors or Pre-Calculus Honors
  • 12TH Pre-Calculus Honors or Calculus AP Prep


  • 9TH Physical Science Honors
  • 10TH Biology Honors
  • 11TH Chemistry Honors
  • 12TH Physics Honors