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CEO: Gabe Jaramillo

Unmatched Tennis Coaching

Gabe Jaramillo – Tennis Academy Master Coach at Altitude Academies

Gabe Jaramillo is known for not only spotting talent, but shaping tennis players into world-class championship superstars. Master Coach Jaramillo has helped train some of the best tennis players to pick up a racket, including: Andre Agassi, Kei Nishikori, Maria Sharapova, Pete Sampras, Monica Seles, Anna Kournikova and more. He has trained 11 #1 players (ATP & WTA CHAMPIONS), and 27 to 10s! Gabe and his dedicated team of world-class coaches are committed to developing the athletes they train, both on and off the court.

All coaching staff is passionate, certified and experienced in helping you improve your game and have fun doing it!

Champions are made, not born.

The Love Of Tennis Training


From 1981 to 2009, Gabe Jaramillo worked as the tennis director for the IMG Academy Bollettieri. There, he helped craft the training programs and served as Nick Bollettieri’s right-hand man. For 26 years, Jaramillo coached players at all four Grand Slam events – Wimbledon, U.S. Open, the French Open, and the Australian Open.

Developing Superior Tennis Training Protocols

Jaramillo is also the founder and owner of International Coaching Services which specializes in tennis consulting and coaching, with a focus on developing training programs and systems that focus on maximizing results. As a Master Clinician, Jaramillo has developed annual clinic tours and conferences for players, coaches, and parents in 32 countries.

Mr. Jaramillo created the Tennis Periodization Training Method and played a key role in the development of System 5, a tennis training system used by practitioners worldwide. Jaramillo’s expertise is highly sought-after in the industry.

Gabe Jaramillo with a student

WTA Player Coco Xu with Gabe Jaramillo -

Gabe Speaks Tennis

Mr. Jaramillo has served as a keynote speaker for ITF World and Regional Conferences for the International Tennis Federation as well as JPTA, USPTA, RRT, PTR, CBT, and FEDCOL. He has been featured as an expert commentator on ESPN, FOX Sports, Euro Sports, Channel 10 Australia, Caracol Radio, Wowo TV Japan, and Grand Slam TV. He served as a contributor to BBC Radio and writes for international magazines such as Japan’s Smash Magazine, Italty’s SpazioTennis, Great Britain’s UK Tennis Magazine, Germany’s Racquettech, China’s Tennis Magazine, TenisBrazil, Tennis Now, FedeColombia, and Bolivia El Deber. He is also a motivational speaker for organizations including Club Med, Discovery Channel, Propal, Neoris, World City Group, and the Young President Organization.

Jaramillo is currently the CEO at Altitude Academies.

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