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The Champion

The Champion monthly newsletter was designed to keep you informed on what is happening at Club Med Academies.  Its mission is to pin-point significant topics in each section that would be of the greatest interest to its readers.  To that end, we encourage you to give us feedback on how what topics are relevant to you.  Just reach out by filling out one of our contact us forms, and make your suggestion.

The Champion is separated by the following sections.  We hope you enjoy….

The CMA – World of Sports –  is dedicated to our Sport Academy programs – tennis, golf, volleyball, soccer, and swimming.  Keeping you as close to the training process as possible.

The CMA – Academics –  is dedicated to our Academic programs – keeping you posted on new developments within the classroom and curriculum.

The CMA – Student Life –  is dedicated to our Student Life programs – interacting with the student everyday to help them better understand their environment and themselves.

The CMA – Newsletter Spotlight –  is dedicated to one extraordinary achievement that stands out above the rest.  Each month we will bring to you something special that embodies what Club Med Academies is all about.

The CMA – Events Calendar –  is dedicated letting you know what and when things are happening.  There is ALWAYS something going on at the academy.  Get tuned-in by tracking this section of the newsletter and following our students as the participate in these wonderful events.

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