On-Site Academic Programs

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On-Site Academic Programs

On our campus, Club Med Academies provides a highly-regimented in class delivery program with a teacher to student ratio ranging from 1:4 to 1:8. Utilizing an individualized and blended approach, curriculums are customized using our online course catalog, which provides the academic springboard for our on-site academic coaches to teach, facilitate, and monitor. With our state of the art partnership, we believe that a positive learning experience is a result of open and ongoing communication, regular submission of work, and a partnership between students, parents and our academic coaches, teachers and staff.

Our mastery-based, personalized approach takes place within our various on-site Think Labs. Researchers and authorities in education suggest core academics, coupled with an area of specialization (sports and arts), delivered in 1.5 to 2 hour training blocks throughout the day and evening, lend itself to the ultimate learning environment. Club Med Academies stands securely in front of this market trend in education. Revolutionary and research based, with the body and mind connection at its core, Club Med Academies provides schooling 6 hours per day Monday through Friday with on-site sports specific training weaved into the day.

A student athlete may begin their day with 2 hours of class followed by 2 hours of sport training. Following lunch, they may continue with 2 hours of class and 3 hours of sport training in the afternoon. Evening, teacher facilitated, Think Labs are also provided for students to give additional support and opportunities for learning.

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Students attending CMA have a variety of college prep academic design options. Each academic plan is carefully tailored based on the student’s talents, skills, and educational experiences. Extensive and exceptional course and curriculum options for the college-bound student are available including Honors level courses and labs as well as, Advanced Placement (AP). The course plans are created so that successful completion prepares our students for college-level courses at the most demanding colleges and universities.