Onsite Tournament Schedule

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Onsite Tournament Schedule


Altitude Academies Volleyball hosts nearly 15 onsite tournaments a year that are open to the public.  Participants can register by clicking the tournament name next to the date of each event.

Please note:  Once you click the tournament link you will be taken away from the Altitude Academies website to a third party website where you can follow the instructions and register for the event.  If you have any questions you can contact us at 772-323-0625 and ask for the Volleyball Department.

7-Sep-19 USAV Beach Volleyball Tournament U12-U18
21-Sep-19 ROX Volleyball Series U12-U18
26-Oct-19 USAV Beach Volleyball Tournament U12-U18
9-Nov-19 ROX Volleyball Series U12-U18
23-Nov-19 ROX Volleyball Series U12-U18
December 7-8, 2019 CMA Volleyball College BEACH Showcase and Camp
25-Jan-20 ROX Volleyball Series U12-U18 (tentative)
15-Feb-20 ROX Volleyball Series U12-U18
14-Mar-20 USAV Beach Volleyball Tournament U12-U18(National Bid)
4-Apr-20 USAV Beach Volleyball Tournament U12-U18
18-Apr-20 AAU Beach Volleyball Tournament U12-U18
16-May-20 USAV Beach Volleyball Tournament U12-U18
30-May-20 ROX Volleyball Series U12-U18
June 13-14, 2020 College Showcase and Camp (tentative)