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Performance Programs

Enhance Yourself with One of Our Performance Programs

At the games highest level there are only a few things that separate those that take home the trophy and those that go back to the drawing board and try again.  Those things typically happen off of the court, course, or field.  Things that give you the edge, the advantage when the heat is on.  At Altitude Academies our Performance Program is designed to help you squeeze the most out of yourself to enhance and support the sport or life style you love.

By selecting one or more of our Performance options you can tailor your personal program to accelerate the curve, to give you the boost that you need to pass the competition.  Whether it be a personal training session that focuses on your overall body strength, a mental performance evaluation to check your emotional control during competition, or a nutritional consultation to make sure you are fueling your body correctly, we can help you be better.

Junior Performance Program

Included as part of the regular sport tuition for any of our junior full-time or camp programs, our junior academy program offers general and specific information in several performance categories to help our students achieve higher levels of performance.  Choose a program and find out more: