Soccer Weekly Camp Enrollment
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Summer Camps (Ages 10-18)

The sooner you book, the more you save!

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Soccer Weekly Camp Enrollment
Now Open!

Weekly Camps (Ages 10-18) – From 1 week to All Weekly Long

The sooner you book, the more you save!

Call +1 (772) 323-0625 for pricing & availability.

Altitude Academies: Where Coaching Makes the Difference

World-Class Coaches, Personalized Training

Soccer Academy Director Ferdinando De Matthaeis

"I consider myself a lucky human being because I ’m able to do what I love since I was a kid: play soccer and, for the past 24 years, coach soccer. It’s been so rewarding to see so many people I have helped develop and move on in this sport at any level. The truth is that I’m driven by an unbelievable passion for the game. Every training session that I run, every game that I coach I put so much energy and passion on the field that I’m able to influence in a positive way each one of my players. As a player and as a coach I have performed hundreds and hundreds of drills and exercises and, at this point in my life, I feel compelled to pass on what I’ve learned throughout my incredible journey."

Since 1999, Soccer Hall of Fame Coach, Ferdinando coached 4 teams in Italy, and 12 teams in the U.S. He has coached multiple all-star teams and brings his wealth of knowledge and passion for the sport to Altitude Academies. Before coaching, he achieved honors and awards as a soccer player, with accolades ranging from Top Scorer and MVP as well as the captain of an all-star team. Ferdinando’s love for the game and passion for coaching make him the ideal professional to shape young athletes for success in soccer. Coach Ferdinando knows what it takes to train for a successful soccer career, and he can’t wait to help you improve your game.

All coaching staff is passionate, certified and experienced in helping you improve your game and have fun doing it!

Champions are made, not born.

Improve your game for a lifetime. 

Our proven training methodology is what sets us apart.


  • Two unique training sessions per day, totaling 20 hours on the field
  • Mental preparation and physical conditioning (including speed, agility, balance, and structured weight room sessions)
  • Train five days each week with one match and one day for recovery
  • Personalized training with varying volume and intensity
  • Monitored progress through a periodized approach for long-term soccer athlete development
  • Nutrition planning

Performance-driven programs with personalized levels of intensity.


8:00 AM- 10:00 AM  FIELD SESSION
10:30 AM- 12:00 PM  POOL REGEN
12:00 PM- 12:30 PM  LUNCH
12:30 PM- 1:30 PM  REST
4:00 PM  PICK UP


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The sooner you book, the more you save!

Call +1 (772) 323-0625 for pricing & availability.