Sport + Language

Do Both Sport and Language at the Same Time

This program was designed to link Sport and Language – it’s that simple.  For the same price of your camp you can split your time between sport and the classroom.   Rounding out your schedule by connecting the body and mind for the ultimate training experience.

First:  Select the Sport You Love….



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Second: Learn More about our  Language Program….Beginner to Advanced

When enrolling in the Altitude Academies’ Sport + Language program, the student’s language level is assessed in order to create a unique and individualized program.  At Altitude Academies, we teach ALL levels of language acquisition.  Most of the program is delivered in a face-2-face, group based, setting.  Class sizes varies depending on enrollment for any given week of the program.  Our program can include: listening, speaking (conversation), writing (grammar), reading and interactive activities like going out into the community on excursions and practicing conversation with the local people.

Because of our unique and individualized language program we are able to relate the language acquisition to real life by emerging every level of student in activities on and off the campus.  The students will be able to use their new skills in daily activities, such as, eating at the restaurant and participating in one of the numerous activities provided on campus.  So while learning the language they are also able to use it during the day and see the progress immediately.

This blended learning method allows the students the advantage of spending more time learning in different settings.



There are 5 different stages of Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

Second Language Acquisition Stages
Stage 1 Minimal comprehension and verbal skill
Stage 2 Limited comprehension and short responses
Stage 3 Good comprehension and simple sentences
Stage 4 Excellent comprehension and few grammatical errors
Stage 5 Near-native level of speech

***Note: These stages do not have clear set boundaries and should be seen as a flow.  Students will be assessed to determine which stage is most appropriate for their language level.  Most students arriving at the Altitude Academies fall into the second or third stage of SLA.

At Altitude Academies we have a variety of language learning software technology to chose from – Odysseyware, Tell Me More, Rosetta Stone, and more – based on our evaluation of each student.  This allows us to create a more individualized program for our students.

The Academic Extras

Or, if you still would rather stay focused on your sport training 100%, you can select one of our Academic Extra add-ons and supplement your full training schedule with a few extras.