The organization of our training methodology (the word “Optimized” in the static ads that Don created fits perfectly here). Our program curriculum (full-time and short-time/camp) is based on the principals of Periodization, which organizes our program and training into specific training blocks leading up to specific competitive events. We periodize our training and competition program to maximize our athlete’s progress. Our proven training methodology is what sets us apart.

Daily training organized by progression blocks.

Intensity, as most on court drills are done on live ball as opposed to dead ball (out of basket feeding) drills and situations. Daily in house competition Practice Matches Some practice matches will count toward the UTR ( UTR is a Universal Tennis Rating that helps categorize all tennis players on the planet. We have an arrangement with UTR that allows us to host onsite UTR point earning matches onsite. This is a very big selling point for us.

Tournament Matches Weekend official UTR local tournaments (onsite and offsite).
Pasion and experience of all our coaching staff – our motto is Where Coaching Makes a Difference Mental Training and Nutritional Guidance Need Mention Gabe Jaramillo


  • 3 pools
  • Beach
  • Basketball courts
  • And more….

Program Overview

Club Med Academies - CMA - Golf - Director of Instruction - Matt Fields

As the Director of the Club Med Junior Golf Academy, it has been my pleasure to dedicate my life to the development of the student-athlete. We have developed a world-class training program, which has impacted junior and amateur golfers throughout the world.

The CMA System:
This system has been developed to educate young golfers on how to be responsible for their training as a complete golf player. We adopt a holistic approach to golf, incorporating the physical, mental, and technical side of training for competition. This environment requires great dedication, discipline, and commitment to one’s goals and dreams.

The CMA Purpose:
The main purpose of the Academy is to prepare young golfers for a successful college career in both their sport and their chosen academic field.
In developing a comprehensive program, we had many objectives. To strengthen the technical, mental, and physical aspects of each student’s game; as well as building character, discipline, and self-esteem that will enable our students to succeed in all areas of life.

The CMA Focus:
We focus on training and competition so each student has the knowledge to adjust their game and reach their full potential as a player. By educating the student on their game, they will be able to understand the sacrifice and dedication it will take to develop into a greater golfer, and how they face adversity.

The CMA Training Philosophy:
Here at Club Med Junior Golf Academies, we implement teaching techniques that have been used by many of the world’s best golfers and have been proven over time. We believe that a student with a sound appreciation of the basic fundamentals will have trust and confidence in their game during competition. This program has grown due to the motivation and dedication of a fine team of coaches. They are passionate about training and developing the student-athlete.

Golf is a game of confidence, which produces success. Keeping technically sound fundamentals, physically fit, and mentally strong are all proponents in building a strong future. I believe that our system creates a complete athlete. With dedication, perseverance, and a winning attitude, you will achieve success in all areas of life.


Camila Osorio - ITF Grade 1 Champion - Club Med Tennis Academy - Tennis Page - Copy

At Club Med Academies we believe performing well is a result of hard work, dedication and a proven training methodology, which is why we let our results speak for themselves.

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    Victories on the FSGA, HJGT, U.S. Kids, South FL PGA Jr, FCWT and AJGA tours
  • null
    S. Amateur and U.S. Junior Amateur Participants
  • null
    S. Four-ball participants
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    3 time Florida State Boys Junior Amateur Champion
  • null
    Florida State Boys Junior Match play champion
  • null
    FSGA – Boys Junior Player of the Year
  • null
    2 time South FL PGA Junior Player of the Year
  • null
    Most improved South FL PGA – Boys
  • null
    2 time South FL most improved player – Girls


Our Vision
To create schools globally that are focused on personalized learning so that our students will be successful in college, career and life. Our schools are highly regarded for their academic excellence and for improving the community in which they operate.

Our Mission
To prepare all students with the skills they need to be confident in academics and sports, sophisticated in learning and global in orientation. To provide instruction by a diverse group of effective teachers and coaches who provide exemplary programming that instills wonder, values discovery and encourages problem solving.

Core Values

  • Performance: Academic and sports are the foundation for all we do.
  • Passion: Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating and improving.
  • Integrity: We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.
  • Diversity: We know it takes a village to raise children. Different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds make our company succeed.


Our team works with you every step of the way to ensure your child’s admission process is seamless.

  • Step 1 – Select a Sport Program
  • Step 2 – Meet Our Admissions Specialist
  • Step 3 – Meet the Sport Coaching Staff
  • Step 4 – Meet the Student Services Advisor
  • Step 5 – Meet Our Academic Counselors

College Planning & Placement

Our College Placement program helps guide you through the college enrollment process from start to finish.  You can start the program from anywhere in the world, meet your College Coordinator while you are here, and follow up weekly with online meetings.  The college enrollment process can be overwhelming, so let us help you get started today as part of our Academic Extra add-on program.  Your future is worth it.

Academy Life

Club Med Academies - Academy Life



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Hygiene & Safety Measures

Our Commitment – ‘Safe Together’ represents a fresh set of health and safety practices, developed by an International Scientific Committee consisting of doctors and professors, and in alignment with guidelines set by global health authorities. We have modified our operational procedures at Sandpiper to ensure the health and safety of guests, while still preserving the beloved “Club Med Spirit” for which the brand is known.

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