DEC 31, 2022 (Translated from Spanish and paraphrased – See full article from Par4Media here)

Twins Ana and José Ángel Cumplido have just arrived from the US, where they spent five months in a golf academy. And it has been quite an experience for them.

At only 15 years old, the twins, Ana and José Ángel Cumplido have enjoyed a specialized golf academy experience in Florida, USA. Specifically at the Altitude Golf Academy. Their tour in North America began last August until December.

Altitude Academies provided defined schedules and personalized training programs, combined with studies at the onsite school, the CMA School at Altitude Academies.

As part of their daily regimen, they would get up very early to have breakfast and start their golf practice, then they would go to school, have lunch and return to the golf course. They also combined it with physical training three times a week. And all from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays they played competition and rested.

One of the most important changes was in their improved swing that changed their game, with the students confirming their improvement in the months spent at the academy.

In November, Ana Cumplido won the Southeast Florida Junior Open tournament at the Indian Springs Country Club, where she not only won, but also set the record for field with -6.

Interview (in Spanish):