The Three Pillars of Rush Premier Sports: Sports, Academic & Arts
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What makes our program the best?


club med academies photoOur coaching team includes world-famous athletes with professional tour experience, including Davis Cup and Fed Cup captains, NVL founders, and more. Our coaches truly are the best of the best.  Juniors, adults and professionals, alike, travel from all over the world to come here to get the unparalleled training our coaches offer in the areas of Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming and Performance.  We provide a roadmap with the training tools you need to reach your maximum potential, and we provide individual attention, custom-tailored practices, and a work load with repetition and variation each day. Our sports-specific conditioning programs and mental performance training give you the edge you need to take your sport to the next level. And our 5 star dining facilities ensure your nutrition needs are met and you’re properly fueled for your game.

We provide daily goals and performance evaluation, with up to 5 hours of training daily and a ratio of 1 coach for every 4 players. Our emphasis is on competitive play, strategy, and tactics with a focus on consistency. We develop next level athletes of all ages.


Club Med Academies Academics -

Join our academic family and accelerate your learning

The Academies’ dedicated staff is among the finest in the world. Our commitment is second to none. Our blended delivery of sport, arts and academics with a focus on intense skill development is what allows our students to get ahead and shine far brighter than the competition.  Our reputation for inspiring and producing a more well-round and truly dynamic student sets us apart and, as a result, our students aren’t just considered, but sought after
by universities and recruiting coaches.  We take our students every step of the way.  From the moment they enroll until the moment they graduate, we help guide them to a successful future.  And our guidance goes beyond the classroom walls as we help them through the process of college placement and sport recruitment.  We see to it they get every opportunity to accomplish their dreams.


At RPS, we believe in developing the whole person.  We feel that includes developing your creative mind and talent so you reach your full potential.

If you are looking to develop your voice, command the stage through acting and improvisation, learn how to play an instrument, write music, or even produce it, or indulge your interest in visual arts, dance, etc.. we want to help you to develop your skills.

Arts are on the very near horizon!  If arts are of interest to you, reach out out us and let’s work together on getting you what you need to develop in these arenas.


Club Med Academies - Sandpiper Bay, Florida -

Come and join us at RPS in Sandpiper Bay, Florida

Our facilities and accommodations are unique.  We’re located at the Sandpiper Bay Resort, enabling guests and student athletes the opportunity to experience all the amenities offered by one of the best resorts in the world while receiving their training and education.  Train with the Best.  Stay with the Best.

Today is the day for you to reach higher, play better, learn faster and get further in life.  What are you waiting for?