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Welcome Back Piotr Marciniak and Kaya Sowala-Marciniak

Do you believe dreams come true?  Melissa Piazza, director of volleyball at Club Med Academies (CMA), sure does! Power couple, Piotr and Karolina ‘Kaya’ Marciniak, are back to being head volleyball coaches at the academy after a three-year hiatus.

From 2015 to 2016, Piotr and Kaya coached at CMA before they decided to truly pursue their own professional careers on the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) tour. Piotr Marciniak - Head Volleyball Coach - Club Med Academies Volleyball They packed up and moved one hour and half south to Pompano Beach to commit to their own daily training.  During this time, Piotr and Kaya saw a lot of success on the AVP: both finishing with a 3rd place – Piotr in Hermosa 2017, Kaya in Austin 2018.

While Piotr continues having extreme success on the AVP tour (most recently competing with two-time Olympian, John Hyden, ranked as the sixth seed at AVP Hermosa this past July 2019), Kaya is on another hiatus.  However, this time for the most adorable reason ever: the birth of her and Piotr’s son, Michael George.  Michael was born in March 2019, and it was around this time that Piotr and Kaya decided they can have the best of both worlds back at their home of Club Med Academies in Port St. Lucie.

Kaya Sowala-Marciniak Head Volleyball Coach - Club Med Academies VolleyballThey will again join the CMA Volleyball team as head coaches for the indoor and beach programs.  Piotr and Kaya are no newbies to indoor or beach volleyball.  Piotr was a professional indoor player on the Polish National Team and has been a professional beach player since 2012. Kaya started volleyball at the age of 17 and represented Poland on their National Team before moving to the USA in 2012 and displaying her skills on the AVP and other tours.  They are more than just amazing players (and humans), they also have extensive coaching experience.  Besides coaching at Club Med, they both helped coach at Webber International University and Kaya was the assistant coach of the Florida Atlantic University beach team.

Kaya and Piotr are some of the most passionate people when it comes to volleyball, especially when it comes to growing the game and the players.  They want their players to be all around good people – not just good volleyball players (although that, of course, is a focus as well).  They want their athletes to be well-rounded in life and on the court.  They plan to use their passion, energy, and high volleyball IQ to help their athletes succeed and be easily recruitable by colleges programs around the country.  This perfectly aligns with the mission of Club Med Academies Volleyball.  Their mission is to provide athletes from 10-18 years old a high-level of technical skills training and tactical instruction in a positive learning environment that fosters personal growth along with inspiring a love for the game.  The Volleyball Academy is designed to bring athletes to the next level; whether that be collegiate or professional.  However, athletes should always keep in mind that sports are an important aspect of life and may open other doors for future opportunities.

Another exciting part of having Kaya and Piotr back is the partnership they bring with ROX Volleyball. ROX Volleyball has been a long-time sponsor for Kaya and Piotr, so now they have agreed to partner with Club Med Academies Volleyball.  What does this mean? It means ROX Series tournaments at the beautiful Club Med facility and ROX providing high quality gear to athletes.

So, do you believe dreams come true?  Kaya and Piotr are living out their dream with Michael and Booboo (yes, that is their beloved pup’s name) by their side.  And if you still need help believing, just sign up (you or your child – yes, they offer adult classes and programs) for one of their Short-Time Training Camps, Pre-Competition Camps, College-Ready Camps, or for their Full-Time Training and Academic School Program (August through May). 


Club Med Academies is open year-round so sign up now and let Piotr and Kaya help you make all your dreams will come true… okay, maybe just your volleyball dreamsJ

If you want to keep up with the life of Piotr and Kaya, follow their Instagram accounts: piotrmarciniak_probeachvolleyball & karalinakayamarciniak.  And of course, make sure to follow Club Med Academies Volleyball online:

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Written by: Liz Eddy

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