Altitude Academies at a Glance:

  • A Fully-accredited K-12 program for serious Volleyball players
  • Boarding School (non-boarding options available)
  • Enroll on a full-time or weekly basis
  • College Prep Program
  • Located in Port St. Lucie, Florida
  • World-class Volleyball coaching
  • Programs available every week of the year
  • A proven formula and guidance for elite athletic performance

Limited Enrollment Available

The Best Volleyball Academy Program in the World, Period.

The Coaching staff has over 50 years of combined experience, has played internationally professionally (indoor and beach), competed at the highest collegiate level,  and coached collegiately.  Currently, our coaches are still competing on a professional world-renowned domestic tour. 

All coaching staff is passionat, certified and experienced in helping you improve your game and have fun doing it!

Our volleyball program by the numbers:

Top-of-the-line, Olympic sand courts
Years of sending players to top Colleges
“There is nothing more rewarding than helping our players achieve their goals; whether it’s playing at the college level or professionally.”
— Melissa Piazza

Year-Round Training

Altitude Academies prepares student athletes for challenges on and off the volleyball field. Our high-performance volleyball academy focuses on optimizing the physical and mental performance of each student we accept into our accredited K-12 program. Our internationally-renowned Volleyball Academy attracts and shapes top student athletes from around the world.

We are committed to delivering the best personalized training and education, while providing each student with a pathway to success. Our boarding school provides a dynamic learning community that ensures students get the support, training and education to become champions.

Performance Program

  • Physical & Mental Preparation
  • Prepare for challenges on and off the volleyball field
  • Optimize physical and mental performance
  • Personalized training and education

In addition to volleyball academy training, junior volleyball players will be given the chance to train with the best players and to engage in match-play, conditioning, mental training and Coach’s Eye video analysis and player analysis.

World-Class Facilities at Your Fingertips

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Origin of a Champion – A Pathway to Success

Altitude Academies: Evolving student athletes into champions.

We defined the pathway to success. Let us guide you.

Personalization through Periodization

Periodization is a PLANNING SYSTEM that prepares athletes to reach peak performance levels during scheduled competitions.

  • Periodization Training Method divides the overall program into specific and distinct periods, so improvements are made step by step, month to month, and year to year.
  • The Periodization plan is the athlete’s GPS. It shows us the fastest route, keeps us informed every step of the way, and through it, we find out if we are getting off track and how to find the road again.
  • Prepare for the highest levels of competition.
  • With a well-written Periodization Plan, the Athletes train more efficiently.
  • The method considers the different needs of all levels of players, from the novice to the professional athlete.
  • Constant reviewing is imperative to keep the athlete motivated and on track.
  • The Periodization Method is divided into three cycles: the Macro Cycle (the long-term plan), the Mezzo Cycle (partial planning in the short term, keeping in mind the overall objective of the Macro Cycle), and the Micro Cycle (includes the fundamental parts of the daily training).
  • The Periodization Plan consists of six phases: adaptation, development, pre-competition, tapering, competition, and rest.
  • Using a well-written Periodization Plan, the Athletes train more efficiently in a shorter period avoiding boredom, over-training, staying motivated, fresh, and injury-free.

“We as coaches are passionate about building our volleyball players into complete individuals for success on and off the court.

-Melissa Piazza

No Ball Touches the Ground - Club Med Academeis Indoor Volleyball


Altitude Academies is different than most schools. Because of our custom individualized approach, we are committed to understanding the goals of the family, as well as the student, throughout the admissions process. Due to our blended approach, Altitude Academies is able to offer many options in various areas of specialty. Which means that the student has flexibility in determining and adjusting their learning journey while enrolled in the Academy. Altitude Academy’s calendar is from August to the end of May. However, we offers rolling admissions, allowing a student to join the academy in the fall, spring, or summer semesters.

Admissions Process – Path to Graduation

Step 1 — Schedule Meeting with Admissions Specialists
Step 2 — Submit Enrollment Application
Step 3 — Application Review & Approval Process
Step 4 — Transcript Review
Step 5 — Request for More Information (if necessary)
Step 6 — Acceptance
Step 7 — Academic Plan Created (Schedule of Course to Graduation)
Step 8 — Academic Plan Validated
Step 9 — Classes Begin
Step 10 — Graduation

What’s Next?

At our foundation, Altitude Academies is a College Preparatory program and pathway to Higher Education. Our track record for preparing student athletes for post high school studies and competition is extensive. Having been in the College Placement arena for over 40 years we have been fortunate to place thousands of students into top schools around the country. From all three NCAA Divisions (I, II, and III) and from Stanford to the Ivy League, our student’s athletes have gone on to become some of the best professionals in sport, business and life.

Train Like A Pro. Play Like a Champion.


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